In The Moment & The Shadows In My Soul 

Inspirational Quotes - Mystery suspense 

The Journey - ONE STEP AT A TIME.


Start each day with a potent dose of knowledge and inspiration to claim your inner strength and make your dreams come true. Move through fear, into self-acceptance and love.  Using the authors' knowledge of energy and flow, he will guide you into understanding how your own inner self can guide your life to be the best that you can be. And add a little Mystery an Suspense in your life.

From the Author: 

My study of Chi-Gong and Martial arts over the years has guided me to clarity and stillness within my mind, which is the one element that will help you have a meaningful, successful life today.  Since the age of six, I've been guided by this inner force, and I wish the same for you.

Inspirational Quotes.

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The Shadows in my Soul

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Being insecure, we accept the love we think we deserve. You'll never find that half who makes you whole without having the confidence in yourself.
Love is like a leave in the wind; only the wind knows its journey. Find that one particular person in life that keep you up talking all night or walking with you under the moonlight.

Sharing that intimate moment when you look into each other eyes.


James H. Bloom was born in Louisville, Kentucky on December 7, 1950. Becoming an orphan at


James had a spiritual experience at the age of 6 years old, and at the age of 42, he became awakened. He then started writing Inspirational- Quotes.

Images within my mind:


The feeling of my Mother & Father’s touch, and the smiles on their faces, the sound of their laughter. The caring and love of our Mother & Father are only images within my mind.


My sisters and brother, I once knew have faded away. I search the cities and streets as the days turn into years. The pain grows more profound within for the lost memories are becoming faded images within my mind.


For so much time has passed, and the images I once knew are no longer there. One day, I hope to find those lost images within my mind.


Now, after 40 years of searching, I found those lost images I once knew. The pain faded away and is replaced with the peace of knowing where I belong.


My soul is at peace once again, and the images once lost have returned.

In My Dreams.

I watch the sunrise and listen to the sound of the wind. As I dream of tomorrow and the adventures it may hold. When the mind reaches the stillness within your mind it presents to you what it holds.

Beyond this World:

We dream of worlds beyond this world only in your dreams. 
Within the stillness of your mind, you can journey beyond this world. For within each thought there are 100,000,000 worlds to explore.

The Mind.

Within our mind, we reveal the chaos that unfolds. Until we can settle the battle within our mind. 
It's like the opening of a lotus flower one petal at a time it reveals to us the possibility that lies before us. 


Doesn’t heal emotional pain, you must learn how to let go. For the heart and body to heal one must find a place of peace within themselves. Holding on to it serves no one and is the cause of most illnesses. LET GO. 


I find myself lost in a world of chaos spinning out of control. 
Lead by greed and corruption in a world blinded by lies.

Until you awaken to the truth and starting to ask the questions you should be asking society will remain the same. 

Only when we come to the state of mind of consciousness and clarity will you begin to change the world as a whole. 

Change your thinking to more positive energy and see the world for what it should be.

Waterfall in winter dress:

In the distance, I can hear the roaring of the falls. The cold brisk winter air blows through the trees as they been their gentle sleep. Leaves are turning from green to multi-colors of gold, yellow, copper, and brown.

The water is flowing over the rocky cliff with Its blue and whites whirling around and around, rambling over the rocky surface in search of its patch.

I can see the gentle crystals of ice forming on the branches from the spray that fills the air. The covered cliffs with its algae and moss, soft white foam rippling outward as though stretching out a hand.
As I sit in the quiet of the night, I can hear the cracking of the fire and smell the alder wood smoke that fills the room. The moon is shining through the window pane. In the flicker of the flames, I can visualize in my mind this waterfall, as a place that brings peace to my very soul. JB 12 /7/1996


Mother, thanks for your gentle nurturing from your breast, as you cradle me in your
arms while I rest.
Looking at the smile upon your face, to hear your soft, gentle voice and your laughter to
thanks for your caring your love and affection that you have shown. 

To be there in time of sorrow, pain, and happiness and always giving of yourself.Mother, thank you for your patience, kindness, and support as I have grown and the years go by.
A mother may you truly be blessed for all your caring, love, affection, and gentleness.
 February 3, 1996, J. H. James H Bloom


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