The uninspected:

Life is lived in the moment you never know when the uninspected may occur.
We live in a stress fall environment unaware of mite be just around the corner.
Life is taken for granted make each moment count before it has gone in a blink of an eye. 



Life would be so much easier without you. You thought you were my friend, but I let you go.


Know my life is at peace, and I have let go of the past. You are not welcome back into my life good by EGO!!!!!!!!!!

Capable of:


Finding out what you are capable of requires self-awareness.


And believing in yourself then awareness is present clarity comes into play.


Know when to apply it to your advantage is the key. Allowing yourself to experience life will build your capability.

Winding Road.

Life is like a winding road; you never know what around the next corner.
When one is so wrapped up in their little world of there own. It's so easy to get lost. Only when your thoughts are focused and clear will the journey be real.

The Past:


You can't erase the past. But sometimes life offered you the chance to make it right.


Opportunities come and go what you do with them can change your life don't miss out.


There is a time in our lives when sharing benefits both. 
Being able to share without asking for anything in return is a sign of compassion. JB

Summer Sun:

I set on the porch gazing at the summer sun. Thinking of the years that have gone by. And remembering my childhood in the summertime. Free to explore all the adventures of the day. JB


 We see the world as a reflection in our mind. Like a photo negative, so the mind creates an image out focus.
Only when the mind is in the stillness does the focus become clear.

Life and Death:

Life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. In the depths of your hopes
and desires lies our silent knowledge of the beyond; and like seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring. Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

In my dreams:

I watch the sunrise and listen to the sound of the wind. As I dream of tomorrow and the adventures it may hold. When the mind reaches the stillness within your mind, it presents to you what it contains.

All I Behold:

I stand in the presence of the creator and behold his beauty for all to see.

Don't take it for granted, we are slowly losing our Mother Earth.
Do your part to give her life again and restore the Beauty she holds.

Bonsai tree:

It teaches patience and control. And within it beauty come wisdom.

For its shows the strength and endurance to over come the elements of time.

The page:

We know so little compared to the universe. It like the being of a chapter on a book so much is unknowing. 

We have only begun to touch the surface of the possibility that lies before us to come. 

What we create within your mines is the writing on the page of life and the journey we adventure. 

Only leave us asking more question that is unsolved. We may see a small portion or a quiet glimpse of what lies beyond.

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