Sharon Davis

The Shadows in My Soul book Very, very Good!  I especially liked all of the information that you added to relevant topics.  One learns a lot about various topics while reading the story.


Good Job!  Keep it up.


Carl Bozeman

This is a haunting, if not, disturbing tale of a home in Shadows Lane beset with a horrible tragedy that is interestingly recounted in a first-person way which sends your mind curiously wondering about the books Author, James H. Bloom. James's style is direct and to the point but he provides interesting facts about life and dealings in the time period the story covers making it interesting and insightful as the story itself develops. The beginning of the book may leave you wondering what is the point of the story but it suddenly grips your senses and has you gasping for breath. From then on you will want to see it through. Fast paced, easy and interesting read! I enjoyed it.

Swami Dayanandij Swami.


Don't cry for me death is like the autumn leaves in all its beauty.
It's the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

The journey home and a new adventure awaits. Make it a celebration for time is endless.JB



K.P Kelly

I am excited to see your new additions here!  You have created a lovely and introspective space with your book Within Lies Hope.  I frequently sit in the backyard in the morning to gaze at the trees.

Thank you again!

With Gratitude, Love, Light, Sound, Fragrance, Peace, Harmony, Health, Kindness, Beauty, Compassion, Joy, Laughter and Oneness,


Susie Dalon Motor8.

Congratulations your book will excel and your light will bless countless many.  Thank You for being you and shining your illumious light to our world.

DeNeise M Cox.
CONGRATULATIONS. James H Bloom on your Book -Within Lies Hope.


Thank you brother, nice to read this wisdom, would be great if the world could drink these words, I think is sinking in though ...........

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